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    How to post to forum


    1. Choose the correct thread in Forum (see content guidelines below)
    2. To ADD OR RESPOND to a daily thread such as The Daily Dinar or Chat Log, choose REPLY TO THREAD (green button at top) or useREPLY or REPLY WITH QUOTEoptions below the posts.
    3. To begin a new thread choose Post New Thread (green button above the threads at top of appropriate page)
    4. Type or copy & paste your comment or article into the large text box
    5. When ready to post, click Submit or Post button depending on your situation.
    6. Done!

    CONTENT GUIDELINES (for threads you might use more than others)
    ***If you haven't read the Forum thread For Allison, check it out!
    1. Iraq NEWS - Post your article in The Daily Dinar - this is for NEWS articles (not chat, rumor, or quotes)
    2. Chat Log - copy from the chatroom and post to the daily thread
    3. Post-RV - NO solicitation please
    4. Off Topic - anything not covered in a specific thread
      1. Non-Dinar Related News
      2. Politics
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