Border crossings with Iran is witnessing intense selling of the dollar between Iraqi citizens and Iranian
03 February, 2012

Confirmed that Iraqi sources, said thousands of Iranians flocked heavily on the port Zurbatiyah border east of Kut to buy the U.S. dollar from Iraqi traders.
The sources said that this was the result of the sharp fall recorded by the exchange rate of the Iranian Altoman against the value of the U.S. dollar. It added that the Central Bank of Iraq has witnessed over the past two days, a large turnout by the Iraqi traders to buy the U.S. dollar and sell it to Iranian traders, indicating that the low price of Altoman Iran against the U.S. dollar comes as a result of sanctions imposed by the United States and European countries on the Iranian economy.

The United States and the European Union to impose a number of economic sanctions on Iran and some of the leading figures in the Iranian regime and was the last of these is the decision to impose sanctions attended the import of crude oil and petroleum products from Iran.