Baghdad, "ready" to receive the guests of the Arab Summit

3/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
(Rn) confirmed Friday that the secretariat of Baghdad became the capital of Baghdad is now ready to receive guests and Arab leaders who will participate in the Arab summit. She noted that the Secretariat had completed all the projects planned for the summit. said the Mayor of Baghdad Sabir al-Issawi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the preparations essential for holding the Arab summit is nearing completion." and pointed out that "the main axes to host the Arab summit achieved a hundred percent, creating Republican Palace for the meeting of leaders and a conference room and the Arab foreign ministers. " He al-Issawi that the "Ocean Palace was completed and the rehabilitation and furnishing of the lack of hospitality to delegates and guests are ready as well as the rehabilitation of hotels and VIP lounge at the airport in Baghdad was completed and is ready to receive guests." and that "the way the presidential carried out by the UAE company completed the work there and the rehabilitation of the Green Zone is nearing completion as well as Airport Road, left the things only cosmetic. " Issawi said that "all events logistics completed. We are now only waiting for the summit. there are only publishing media, decrees, this Singer two weeks before the summit. " The Assistant Secretary General of the League Ahmed Ben Helli, select the first Wednesday the twenty-ninth day of March next date for the Arab summit. As he emphasized that there is no reservation by any Arab country to hold the next Arab summit in Baghdad. and postponed summit of Baghdad more than once because of the exceptional circumstances experienced by a number of Arab countries last year, which was known as the "Arab spring". and postponed the Arab League in May 5 last Arab summit which was scheduled to be held in March 2011 in Baghdad to March 2012, at the request of Iraq after the consensus Arab member states in view of the reality of the "new and inappropriate" to the summit and to get out of the box intransigence. is the Arab summit in Baghdad event is the largest international, organized by the country since 2003, accounting for the Municipality of Baghdad for the committee to create and insurance requirements for the Conference of the Arab summit, while confirming the Iraqi Interior Ministry that it had prepared a security plan to protect the Arab summit include multiple stages. Iraq hosted the Arab summit twice, the first summit was the ninth year 1978, that decided to boycott companies and organizations operating in Egypt that deal directly with Israel and not to approve the Camp David, and the second was the summit of the 12 in 1990, which witnessed a severe tensions between Iraq and Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates broke out after the second Gulf War. From: Yazan Al Shammari. Open: Murtaza Yousuf

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