BAGHDAD, Feb.3 (AKnews)- Iraqi President Jalal Talabani is mediating to resolve the issue of Deputy Prime Minister for Service Saleh Mutlag, a deputy form the Iraqiya List said toda.

After Mutlag, an leader in Iraqiya alliance, described PM Nouri al-Maliki as a "destructive dictator" in some media statements, the latter sacked him. The decision is yet to be sanctioned by the House of Representatives.

Speaking to AKnews, Iraqiya deputy Dhafer Ani said in his last meeting with House Speaker, Osama al-Nujaifi (who is also a leader in Iraqiya alliance), Talabani informed Nujaifi that he is trying to end the dispute between Maliki and Mutlag.

Ani added that the president is considering gathering the parties in dispute for a meeting in a near future.

Iraqiya has demanded Maliki to withdraw the order. In response to the demand, National Alliance, the largest bloc, dominated by Shiites and the one which nominated Maliki for his current position, set forward three options for Iraqiya: either Mutlag should apologize officially and Maliki should accept the apology; or Iraqiya should name another deputy to replace Mutlag or Mutlag should resign himself.

Iraqiya has refused to name another deputy for Mutlag's post and Mutlag has also declined to resign or offer an apology.

Tensions between Iraqiya and State of Law Coalition ( a rank within the NA, led by PM) escalated after Maliki rejected the regional autonomy demands offered by Salahaddin and Diyala provincial councils, which are dominated by Iraqiya deputies.

The step against Mutlag and issuance of an arrest order for Vice President Tareq Hashemi, also an Iraqiya leader, on terrorism charges, led Iraqiya boycott sessions of the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers.

[[COLOR/]This week Iraqiya ended its boycott of the House but the boycott of government continues.[/COLOR]