Almrobei warns of the new provinces to declare the same province for not giving adequate powers to councils

3/2/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD / As warned by the Economic Commission parliamentary Hussein Almrobei of the provinces a new declaration of the same province, because of not giving sufficient powers by the central government to provincial councils. said Almrobei in a press release received news agency, the future a copy of it on Friday that "not giving adequate powers for provincial councils is contrary to the Constitution, "noting that" the law of the federal budget did not give powers to the provincial councils in the implementation of projects that did not include the plan of investment. " He Almrobei that "the implementation of any project requires approvals complicated by the Ministry of Planning and then the ministry, which addresses the Assembly's Economic Committee Ministers then give the Commission guidance to the Ministry of Finance to be disbursed amount. " He explained that "the central government responsible for the slow implementation of projects in the provinces, because of its proceedings routine practice." and pointed out that "local governments have to return the surplus from its budget because of the lack of separate accounts managed local governments spent freely and to operate correctly. " The House of Representatives ended in two readings of the budget in 2012 sent by the Council of Ministers for discussion and approval, and was scheduled to reach the budget / 120 / billion dollars, but the objections of the International Monetary Fund it, led to reduced to / 100 / billion dollars.

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