Iraqi parliament calls to stop selling the dollar at auction
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Thread: Iraqi parliament calls to stop selling the dollar at auction

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    Iraqi parliament calls to stop selling the dollar at auction

    Iraqi parliament calls to stop selling the dollar at auction
    Source: BAGHDAD - A statement
    Date: February 2, 2012

    Addressed the Economic Committee in the Iraqi parliament, central bank official, to stop the sale and the dollar auction. Said Ahmed al-Alwani, Chairman of the Committee that the Committee addressed the central bank to stop the sale and auction of the dollar until the issuance of instructions that specify which authorities have the right to deal with hard currency, to ensure that leaked out of Iraq.

    He added that officials in the Iraqi Central Bank confirmed that they now are developing a new mechanism to participate in bids to buy the dollar, and how they will exchange the dollar and hard currency, and we will follow up this subject first, first in order to preserve the cash reserves of Iraq.

    The al-Alwani, that the smuggling of currency and a negative impact on the Iraqi economy is bad, and will affect the reserve currency, and the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar, also has a serious political dimensions. He explained that Iran is suffering from the economic situation is bad because of international sanctions.

    They are trying by any means compensate for the damage, particularly with regard to foreign currency, and has no outlet other than Iraq, as it considers the influence of a strong field at the political, economic, and even security. He continued, so they are trying to fill the deficit, if there was damage to Iraq, and this can not accept it, and we will stand against all who try to empty Iraq of foreign currency, and will not compromise the country's wealth for the interests of others. And forced Iran after the United States imposed economic sanctions and Europe for the purchase of hard currency from neighboring countries, and most recently Iraq, its openness to the control without security or political or economic, according to observers.

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