Sunni Endowment complete preparations to celebrate the Prophet's birthday

02.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
BAGHDAD - Omar Hamadi - Radio Sawa said the Sunni Endowment complete the preparations for the commemoration of the Prophet's birthday, which will be held in each of the shrines of Abu Hanifa and Abdul Qadir Gilani on Friday and Saturday. The vice president of the Sunni Endowment Sheikh Mahmoud Sumaidaie "Radio Sawa" The celebration of the People will attend the official figures. The Sumaidaie that the Baghdad Operations Command has developed a security plan to protect Mahtvin, expressing his fears of an insurgency aimed at gathering in the city of Adhamiya. It is noteworthy that thousands of people go annually to the city of Adhamiya, northern Baghdad, to commemorate the Prophet's birthday in the twelfth of March as the Hijri calendar.

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