National Alliance is expected within two weeks of approving the budget and proposals to improve the living conditions of citizens through budget allocations

02 February, 2012 01:29:00Huda Baghdad

Johns expected for the National Alliance, on Thursday, approving the budget of Finance by the Parliament within two weeks, noting deputies have made ​​several proposals to improve the living conditions and service to the citizens to benefit from the allocations of the budget.
Said Mohammad Hoda Chihod radio that "the Iraqi List, the return to parliament sessions will help to speed up passage of the budget, indicating an end to the second reading of the budget by Parliament, and expected approval" during the next two weeks.
He noted that "the interventions of the members of the House of Representatives on the budget focused on several proposals, including review of the distribution of grades in various state institutions, and the allocation of a share of oil imports are distributed to the Iraqi people, and the importance of taking into account the principle of Mahromep in some provinces.