BAGHDAD, Feb.2 (AKnews) - The recent demands by Iraqiya List need time to be enforced, said a Representative from the Shiite-dominated National Alliance, the largest bloc.

This week saw Iraqiya Representatives end their boycott of House of Representatives sessions after more than one month. The List then asserted that the internal regulations of the House of Representatives should be finalized, partnership and balance in governance be sought, procrastination in political reforms should end and ministers be assigned to the suspended ministries.National Alliance Representative Amir Kanani said that it will take time to meet a demand such as striking a balance between government agencies, as this will require committees to investigate the issue in every agency.

Kanani, who is a Representative of Sadr Current, added: "Iraqiya demands finalizing certain laws and this is related to the work of committees inside the House of Representatives and this in itself is time consuming and requires creation of permanent committees not temporary ones."

Sunni-dominated Iraqiya List, which is the second largest bloc, boycotted sessions late December 2011 in protest to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's rejection of the regional autonomy demands by Salahaddin and Diyala provincial councils, controlled by Iraqiya Representatives.

The boycott was also a protest to what the party described as "unilateral ruling and lack of real partnership government" in Iraq.