Zebari is considered an infringement on Iraqi sovereignty is unacceptable

01.02.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Alsumaria News / Baghdad, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Wednesday, that any infringement on the sovereignty of the country is unacceptable, in reference to the use of U.S. aircraft drone in Iraq, as he emphasized that there is coordination with the U.S. side on the trainers. Zebari said at a press conference jointly with the Deputy Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Ben Helli, held in Baghdad and attended by "Alsumaria News", "any violation of the sovereignty or without the knowledge or know the government is unacceptable," noting that "there Bramja with the U.S. side of the trainers, rehabilitation and training This work must be coordinated with the government. " Zebari said that "Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces and the promotion of full sovereignty and out of the vast amount of the provisions of Chapter VII, sticking to its independence, sovereignty and its obligations also with the U.S. side." President Barack Obama played down on Tuesday (January 31, 2012), The use of U.S. aircraft drone in Iraq, emphasizing that the program is very limited and focuses mainly on the protection of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The newspaper "New York Times," U.S., on Tuesday (January 31, 2012) , that the State Department began to run some drones in Iraq last year on a trial basis and intensified their use after the completion of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq last December, adding that this has angered senior Iraqi officials. The newspaper quoted a senior U.S. official request anonymity, that talks are under way to obtain the permission of the current operations of drones in Iraq. It considered the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary, on Wednesday (February 1, 2012), the flight of U.S. aircraft in Iraq in violation of Iraqi airspace, stressing that there is no agreement with the U.S. side in this regard, as noted at the same time to the non-completion of the readiness of the country to protect airspace. The U.S. Embassy in Iraq, admitted, in the 27 of January, that one of its helicopters had to land near the Tigris River because of technical failure, hours after the accident , which was denied by Baghdad operations altogether, while confirming that he was re-helicopter to its headquarters in the Green Zone, the help of Iraqi forces. and withdrew the U.S. Army completely from Iraq by the end of December of last year 2011, where troops handed U.S. military bases that were taken by the headquarters them to their Iraqi counterparts, while the Minister of Defense of Leon Panetta to withdraw, on 15 December 2011, during a visit to Baghdad, that the task of Iraq after the U.S. withdrawal management security as real, and what was considered that access to a stable and sovereign is the result of the sacrifices American soldiers and Iraqis, he noted that elements of the army and Iraqi police are able to end any threat of al Qaeda.

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