Iraqi lawmakers postpone debate on the report of the port of Mubarak

04-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-(aknews)

Parliamentary Services Committee announced that the Iraqi Council of representatives discussion postponed until Mubarak port limit Hadi al Ameri Transport Minister Wednesday to see the stages of creation of the port of Mubarak.

And Ihsan Al-Awadi said Committee member of Kurdistan News Agency (aknews) that "the Iraqi Council of representatives decided to postpone discussion of the report of the Technical Committee for Mubarak port until the limit transport Minister Hadi al Ameri in parliamentary services Committee responsible for the transport sector on Wednesday to discuss the phased establishment of port Mubarak."

"Date to discuss the report of the Technical Committee after Hadi al Ameri limit the Minister of transport and the harbour Department position and see how its role in the drafting of the report of the Technical Committee on port Mubarak."

He noted that "House believes in resolving its problems port Mubarak expand channels for dialogue with Kuwait and de-escalation media for political reasons, won't discuss Mubarak approved the economic interests of the two countries."

Parliamentary Services Committee announced Sunday that the Government's report on port Mubarak discuss publicly Tuesday.

And the Iraqi Government announced, on the 25th of may last, sending high level Committee of ministries of Foreign Affairs and transportation in addition to the Iraqi Navy to Kuwait to follow up the vulnerability of Iraq's territorial waters port of Mubarak, who intends to constructive, noting that it would determine its position according to the report of the Committee.

The Kuwait began on 6 April last, create Kabeer port on Bubiyan Island close to the Iraqi coast, exactly one year after an Iraqi Transport Ministry of cornerstone project for the creation of the large port of Faw, causing a crisis between the two countries, while the Kuwaitis that their port would have important strategic and economic results, officials and Iraqi experts that Kuwaiti port would diminish the importance of Iraqi ports, restrict navigation in the Khawr Abd Allah channel leading to the ports Umm Qasr and Khawr al-Zubayr and Faw Grand port project makes it worthless.

Iraq threatened earlier by resorting to the United Nations in case detected and economic damage caused by the Kuwaiti port navigation.

Following threats of "Hezbollah, Iraq" posted on Internet sites by multiplying the Kuwaiti port if constructed, the Kuwait seeks troops near Bubiyan Island for fear of attacks by some groups

From: Jafar Alunan, en: Salam bagdadi