BIC aggregated 47 visas to foreign investors
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Thread: BIC aggregated 47 visas to foreign investors

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    BIC aggregated 47 visas to foreign investors

    BIC aggregated 47 visas to foreign investors
    On: Tue 01/31/2012 22:17

    Basra (news) announced .. BIC Asthsalha 47 for a visa to the province to foreign investors from different countries.

    A statement of the Commission has received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Tuesday, the deputy head of the Basra Investment Haider Ali Fadhel, saying that the visas the 47 Asthsaltha Basra Investment Commission returns to foreign investors from America, Syria, Pakistan, Britain, Jordan, Australia, China, India, Britain and Canada.

    He said Fadel: The aim of the visit of those investors to the province of Basra, is for the investment opportunities and offers of investment companies, especially since some of them are Atatzm investment in certain sectors such as housing, electricity, agriculture, industry and communications.

    He explained: that the body Asthsalt these approvals after a series of correspondence with the National Investment Commission in addition to the features that have been forced by the Center for Asthsalha stay at Basra airport, passports and the relevant authorities.

    He said the deputy chief of Basra Investment: The coming period will witness the entry of foreign investors to Basra to identify the investment and knowledge of its map facilities provided to explain the law of Iraq and investment guarantees and tax breaks, and features provided by the foreign investor.

    He pointed out: that there are correspondences take place at this time for the purpose of obtaining visas for 6 investors from America to the education sector, education and training and 25 of China's housing sector. / End / 24. Q. P /
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