Iraq News Update we're almost there!
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    Iraq News Update we're almost there!

    just got off the phone with one of my iraqi contacts. He has a family member in baghdad that has a friend that is a reporter that was at the press conference that was held last night.

    The conference was held at 10:30am baghdad time. It lasted for 2 hours. Shabibi wasn’t there, he is out of the country but no one was told where he was.

    The person giving the press conference was mohammed saleh mudher. Not sure of spelling of last name.

    _ many questions were asked about the dinar and revalue. He stated that the iqd would be higher than the usd very soon. He would not give a date.

    Just said very soon and that the iqd would be higher than the usd. He said the money is ready and is in boxes sitting at the cbi and other warehouses around iraq.

    He said some of the new dinar was shipped to some banks in southern iraq after they completed their inventory. Other banks haven’t completed their inventories yet and thus have not received the new dinar.

    Cbi is waiting. Also, he said that new coins have been printed and are ready. There will be 5 or 6 different denominations. Also, he said that not all banks will be receiving the new currency at first.

    Only ones in areas based on population. He also said that when the revalue takes place, the borders would be closed for 24 to 48 hours and the banks would be closed also.

    He told the people not to panic during this time that there is nothing wrong. It is only while they revalue the currency and switch everything over.

    He also stated that the people in country would have 20 days to cash in and people outside of iraq would have 30 days.

    Steve and i reported several months ago that it was 30 and 45 days. They have changed it just a little. He kept stressing that the rv is going to happen very soon.

    I truly feel we are almost there now. Just around the corner. This news will be reported in the newspapers and tv very soon.

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