Mutlaq, leader of the advocacy organization Iust Iraq to normalize the relationship with al-Maliki

On: Wed, 01/02/2012 11:43

Baghdad / term
A source close to the rule of law, for "long" on Tuesday, the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, center the Dawa Party, Iraq Organization to resolve its crisis with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki stressing that al-Mutlaq in an awkward position after the decline of the Iraqi List, the decision to boycott parliament and show a willingness to cabinet meetings.

The sources inside Iraq has spoken of "long" recently about the existence of polarization sharply in the blocks list may lead to disintegration at the end of the day, noting that the relationship between the leaders of the existing adult (Iyad Allawi, Hashimi and Osama Najafi and al-Mutlaq) has become tense, but falls short of the level of rupture, and all block looking for a solution to keep them in the government Bmhadha and privileges in a variety of power, and that the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq is itself the biggest losers in the crisis that flared up on the back of the case of Tariq al-Hashemi.

Says the source close to the leaders of the state of law, which has custody of "long" to be named, said, "Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, recently met the leader of the Dawa Party, Iraq Organization, Mr. Hashim al-Musawi request for mediation with the head of state law, Nuri al-Maliki and end the crisis with the latter."

The Hashim al-Musawi of the historic leaders of the Dawa Party, who led the first historical split within the party and founded the mid-eighties, "the Dawa Party, Iraq Organization" with the blessing of Iran. And live-Moussawi province of Basra, which he ran his party, which is both Khodair al and Karim al-Enzi, Chairman of the House of Representatives Izz al-Din Salim prominent leaders. According to the source, "al-Mutlaq, he gave his consent to accept a settlement of some files, including the issue of file-Hashemi and file regions in the Sunni provinces and to stand with the Prime Minister in approach to building security services and state institutions." And speaks source added that "the leader of the Dawa Party, Iraq Organization told the al-Mutlaq difficult to meet the request for mediation with al-Maliki because of the crisis between the two parties are personal and difficult to resolve easily and the Prime Minister is no longer willing to accept the leader of the Front for National Dialogue as his deputy."

He called al-Moussawi, according to the source, the Deputy Prime Minister "to resign before the Maliki, the decision sacked to save face, but he showed his willingness to support al-Mutlaq for the position of chief, including the approval of his position of vice president, succeeding Tariq al-Hashimi to be prosecuted."

The source says that "al-Maliki is playing on the tendon internal differences in the Iraqi List and sends signals to a rapprochement with the other against their allies," asserting "there is no longer a list of Iraqi and what exists is entities divided living a crisis because it does not have a road map to manage the conflict with al-Maliki, who managed to disassemble, "and points out that" the recent meeting of Iraq's polemics has reached the limit of the exchange of insults between the representatives of the blocks on the position of the government and the political process, reflecting on the press conference following the meeting."

The source asserts that "Iraq did not get certain guarantees for the return to parliament and that talk to receive assurances on the implementation of the Convention Erbil is the consumption of media coverage on the decision to return."

A senior government source said the "long" show yesterday for the first block led by Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi, and the mass of the solution, led by Jamal Karbouli their willingness to participate in the government of the majority purports to al-Maliki formed. He said that the exclusion of a student Karbouli Saleh al-Mutlaq, Vice Prime Minister and give his position to block the solution as a condition for participation in the Government of the majority.