Baghdad (NINA) - MP from the Iraqiya Slate, Omar Al Jubouri, considered the IS decision to return to meetings of the Parliament as "a step in the right direction and a blow to advocates of sectarianism and division."

He said in a statement to NINA "the return decision came in the right time in order to join efforts with the rest representatives of the people to complete and adopt important laws that Iraqis await, particularly the state budget."

As for the IS demands, Jubouri said "the IS insists on the implementation of its national demands in order to reach the true national partnership that the Iraqi people wishes."

Spokeswoman of the IS Maysoon Al Damluji said at a news conference yesterday that "the IS and after returning to the Parliament sessions will discuss many files, including the national balance in the state institutions; the civil and the military and name its candidate to the Defense Ministry and the release of detainees and an end the random arrests."