Three options for Mutlag says SLC Representative
31/01/2012 09:45
BAGHDAD, Jan. 31 (AKnews) - Iraqiya List has three options when it comes to dealing with Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Mutlag. They should choose one of them instead of asking to reverse his dismissal according to an State of Law Coalition legislator.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki sacked his deputy Mutlag after the latter described him as like a "dictator". Yesterday Iraqiya demanded Maliki annul the order.

Speaking to AKnews, Mohammed al-Sayhud of the National Alliance - the largest Shiite alliance in Maliki's SLC - said Mutlag should either submit his resignation, apologize officially for his recorded remarks against the PM or be replaced. If Maliki does not accept the apology Iraqiya should replace Mutlag anyway he added.

Iraqiya is free to choose any of the three options, he added.

Tensions between Iraqiya and SLC escalated after Mutlag was sacked and an arrest warrant was issued for prominent Iraqiya member and Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi. He denies the charges of terrorism leveled against him and has taken refuge in Kurdistan Region where he is unlikely to be arrested, much to the disquiet of SLC members.