The advisory board Balttnsag with the World Bank looking plans and programs adopted to implement the reform program of the state of public companies
Date: Monday, 01/30/2012 16:06

Baghdad (news) .. team held a reform of public companies in the form of advisers Prime Minister's Office in coordination with the World Bank meeting to discuss the steps and programs adopted to implement the roadmap (reforming public enterprises of the state) in the presence of UN agencies and international partners and units of the restructuring of public companies in the ministries concerned , along with a number of experts and advisers in the body.

The Almshar in the Council of Ministers and Chairman of the reform, Dr. Abdul Hassan Anbuge in a statement to reporters, including reporter Agency (News of the sons) on Monday: that the workshop discussed the programs and plans taken on the assessment of assets for companies in the ministries in which public companies of the state in addition to the discussion of the mechanism of training, development and re-distribution of employment in the corporate form in which to achieve greater efficiency in the development of the country's economy, and increases the adoption of the public companies themselves.

He Anbuge: that the road map enterprise reform has been prepared in view of the specificity of the Iraqi economy, and aims to restructure and develop the operational and financial performance, regulatory, and contribute to the increased activity of the Iraqi economy and make the Iraqi companies able to compete with each other, and continued: was in the workshop discussion Matouselt mechanism concerned ministries measures taken in this regard, and the support of international partners, particularly in Maitalq in the training program for team members and committees to serve the corporate reform and activated in and ease the social burden associated with the repair, as well as discuss a mechanism for comprehensive public information program and intensive in order to proceed with the implementation of the program according to the plans and the time periods set . / Finished / 4.'s. meters