A new statement on the meeting of the Iraqi Sunday: There are messages reassuring that the terms of the Erbil will be implemented throughout
30/01/2012 PM - 12:46 PM

The Iraqi List, published on its website a statement on the meeting on Sunday that it decided to "return to the meetings of the House of Representatives to discuss important decisions that concern the interests of citizens, especially the discussion of the budget 2012 and the General Amnesty Law."

The statement said the MP Atab league said there was a reassuring message that the terms of the Erbil will be implemented during the entire conference, including the National Council of high politics.

The statement said that the Spokesperson for the Iraqi List MP Maysoon al announced at the conclusion of the meeting held by the Iraqi List, headed by the leader of the list Iyad Allawi on the return of ministers of the Iraqi cabinet meetings that he "was to authorize the leaders of the Iraqi List, to discuss the decision to return."
The statement gave no further details