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    Quick BGG chat...

    [BGG] Hey gang!! Thanks to all our great Mods for helping out. We really appreciate it.

    [BGG] Pretty much like I've been saying for a while now - I too heard it will be a couple of days before we know the exact status. End of story. Though I do disagree with some of the Guru's gripping about Dmoney's rate. He's a good guy - I know Dmoney personally and totally vouch for him. His info may or may not come to pass - but not because he doesn't totally believe what he's been given or that he is a deciever. Neither is true.

    [BGG] I have some pretty interesting thoughts I'll share, at some point thru the evening....

    [BGG] Stay tuned...

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    Hello BGG, I was in the OOM site and Bear, Bulldog and Okie were saying that Sahbibi stated he will give the GOI 30 days to get their act together. Furthermore, it was stated that Shabibi said he would not need to have Parliaments approval to go forward and that his greatest concern is inflation. Lastly, were there TV announcements and or newspaper articles stating that the RV will happen and instructions were provided for cash in. Just thought I would share what was said. Is the rate your team is saying truly the rate...? $8.47? or will it begin perhaps lower and work up with a managed float?

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