No truth to the replacement of forged Iraqi currency from abroad for hard currency

29/01/2012 18:30:00
Denied Commercial Bank of Iraq, replacing the forged Iraqi currency from outside Iraq for hard currency through bank branches,
The General Manager of the bank and the agency and its board chairman, Hamdiya Mahmoud dry in a statement released today, and received "the Iraqi news agency, independent) a copy of it", said, "cited some of the media about the bank's branch of the Iraqi city of Najaf, replacing Iraqi currency forged from outside Iraq for hard currency through the branches of a bank is untrue and baseless, "asserting that" our banking systematic scientific manner consistent with international standards. "

The dry that "the Trade Bank of Iraq is an Iraqi bank to a government controlled by the Central Bank of Iraq Board of Supreme Audit and the auditor of an international major companies overseas accounts and therefore can never occur, such as how banking transactions suspicious," emphasizing "the right of the bank to prosecute those who try to discredit the bank lies and slander. "

For his part, considered the Branch Manager Trade Bank of Iraq in the city of Najaf, Abdul Wahab Al Habib Hashim that "the reporting of such false news aimed at harming the body's banking and cheap attempt to discredit the reputation of the Trade Bank of Iraq."

He pointed out that Hashem "the work of the branch in the city is going according to legal frameworks," he said.

The number of media handled that both Iran and Syria made ​​billions of counterfeit Iraqi dinars into Iraq and worked to replace the dollar with some Iraqi officials and then out to the two countries.