National Alliance carried out all the items within the Erbil Convention
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Thread: National Alliance carried out all the items within the Erbil Convention

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    National Alliance carried out all the items within the Erbil Convention

    Deputy for the State of Law: National Alliance carried out all the items within the Erbil Convention

    30-01-2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad (news)

    A member of the State of Law National Alliance MP Ibrahim Rikabi that all the terms of the Erbil carried out by the National Alliance is not implemented, there is a committee formed for the implementation of, the National Alliance will not bear the responsibility of the political differences on the Convention of Erbil.

    The stapes in the statement (of the Agency news) on Monday: that all the terms of the Erbil have been implemented by the National Alliance, and particularly Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, adding that talk about the Iraqi List, the marginalization is true for their participation in all ministries and sovereign positions.

    He added that what is demanded by the political blocs of the remainder of the terms of the Erbil will not stand for the National Alliance because the delay in resolving the security ministries borne by the Iraqi List, the lack of candidate personalities efficient for the job as well as the National Council of the policies Alasttratejah been enacted law is contrary to the constitution that ended as well as borne by the Iraqi List With regard to the demand of the Kurdistan Alliance, the implementation of Article (140), there was no disclaimer on the implementation of this item and there is a committee formed to implement this article.

    The MP for the coalition of state law to: the responsibility of each national political is to resolve outstanding differences through the national meeting is expected and is fresh all the problems on the table of dialogue and discuss the problem after problem, and followed the stapes: it does not want the success of the National Congress, it is linked to agendas of Foreign Affairs wants to block the political process and make it fail.

    The nation is a severe political crisis since last December, resulting from the indictment of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi involvement to support terrorist operations, which led to the withdrawal of the Iraqi List, which belongs to it by the parliament and government, in order to find a solution to the crisis, President Jalal Talabani's political blocs early this month to hold a national conference, but that the options put forward by the leader of the Iraqi List of Iyad Allawi stepped up its position.

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