Undeclared war between Giants win cake investment in Iraq. Benefits of postpaid save Greece from bankruptcy and increase fat cats overload

03-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-future Iraqi/Special

One of the leading global companies revealed in the areas of investment that undeclared war erupted among the largest global companies in Europe and Asia, and the reason for this is investment in infrastructure projects in Iraq on as postpaid and between accountant and economic advisor to this company to leading international companies in Asia, namely the Group of Asian economic five entered into fierce economic battle with four giant European companies compete with feverish Neil lion from investment contracts as postpaid, era The European Union to the European investment companies acting in accordance with substantial funding from EU projects postpaid, granted Greece bailout program by 10 percent economic profits over the past 5 years.
The source disclosed that a postpaid which goes forward for Iraq politicians achieved a proportion of profits exceed 160 percent which has seen its history of investments and the economy has ever seen. source criticized the Government in a position to build and establish the infrastructure system of bank loans, the World Bank and IMF, despite unfavourable conditions also, but usefulness is not up to 44 percent, at worst. source raises question marks when confirms that Iraqis planners for this project are primarily beneficiaries, will boost profits by up to 16 percent of investment values, although it is in the heart of the financial and administrative corruption, but the battle centered in firms would share more beneficial to Iraqi partners, with the economic transformation of the London Club three months ago to auction brings global corporations and Iraqis claiming to be representing the decision makers, they are authorized to negotiate through their representatives. the source considers that in the event of such transactions, it would be a destruction of Iraq and its wealth and the last transaction of selling Iraq and currently for decades to come, as will Iraq to repay benefits giant for decades allowing larger projects will be implemented by global firms to retire after the expiration of their work in Iraq, to live in Naim prosperous strength for the rest of the lives of the founders and their workers and employees as they will charge shoppers giant profits and benefits from Iraq for decades.