State law reveals governmental negotiations with Western countries for sheltering organization created

03-10-2011 | (Voice of Iraq)-twilight News/
State law, the Coalition revealed Monday, the Government negotiated with some Western countries for sheltering organization create, some accused of seeking to maintain that organization as "paper stressful" neighbors.

The Iraqi Government, has issued in last August, ending the presence of the PMOI, promised a terrorist organization and had participated in killing Iraqis.

Attorney for the State of law Coalition endorsed in an interview for "frankincense twilight news", "Government rejects the existence of any organization on their territory against neighboring countries, including the PMOI which tarnished their hands with the blood of the people", stressing that "the Government put pressure on the Organization out of the country."

The Iraqi Government to change the label of camp Ashraf to create organization established by the previous regime in 1980s last century during the first Gulf war after Iraq camp assumed responsibility for almsaker of US troops.

Frankincense explained that "the Government is negotiating with some Western countries to create the Organization advances because they became undesirable on Iraqi territory, pointing out that" there are some actors have agendas in particular try through maintaining organization creating and rendering paper pressure against the Government and its neighbouring States ".

And the PMOI was founded in 1965 with the aim of toppling the Shah, and after the fall of the Shah's regime as a result of the Islamic revolution, which led the MKO has played a significant role in victory after having executed the Shah's regime of its founders and many members of the leadership of disagreement between them and the new Iranian regime, arrived after two and a half years of the revolution to end fighting between the two sides in the conflict heated continuous now.