Businessmen Union calls for a comprehensive plan for the advancement of the Iraqi economy

28.01.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad (news) The head of the International Federation of Iraqi businessmen Hamid punitive to the need to use international organizations to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the advancement of all economic sectors. punitive said in a statement to the reporter (Agency news) on Saturday: should the use of international organizations such as the IMF or World Trade Organization to plan a comprehensive strategy according to the development of technological talk to all sectors of the economy that the Federal Government is unable to develop solutions for the advancement of the national economy of Iraq. He pointed to: that international organizations have a role Kperfi reduction debt owed ​​by Iraq from some countries, in addition to that they consider the restructuring of Rafidain and Rasheed by the World Bank, stressing that can not be dispensed with international organizations to develop international standards of economic and correction of errors in some of the laws enacted in Iraq. and punitive: that the Iraqi economy is based on sectarian quotas that the lack of political will wise for the advancement of the Iraqi economy and its development, in addition to the absence of the right person in the right place, which led to the failure of the Iraqi economy and falling on the economics of the world. The President of the International Federation of businessmen Iraq: that political rivalries in the Iraqi arena will reflect negatively on the economy Iraq and the investment plan for the ministries and provinces and will also delay the adoption of the budget of the State, and all these will impede the economic development process of the country. The World Bank adopted a study on restructuring the Rafidain and Rasheed, where the cost of persons interested in affairs of Iraq's financial for the application of this study, including economic expert, Dr. Majid picture.

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