The continuing political crisis occupies the most prominent Iraqi officials for national issues
Posted 26/01/2012 04:37 PM
Wrote: Ahmed al-Lami
It seems that the continuing political crisis occupies the most prominent Iraqi officials for national issues, besides a blind eye to corrupt, issues seem out of Iraq from Chapter VII, and the state budget and the port of Mubarak and other important issues of the most prominent victims of the political crisis.
And excluded members of the Integrity Commission Parliamentary activate their role in accounting and fire officials, the corrupt from office at the present time as a result of preoccupation with the political blocs to the current crisis to hit the country, and stated that the Secretary of Baghdad, Sabir al-Issawi of the most prominent beneficiaries of the crisis, because the issue raised his dismissal from his post in front of members of the House of Representatives According to committee member Osman Algehiche "needs to agree the heads of the blocks and this can not be achieved at the present time because of their preoccupation with the current crisis."
The Secretary of Baghdad had been questioned by the Attorney cult who on the back of the involvement of al-Issawi files corruption.
The current crisis, according to a coalition MP Mahmoud Othman, a Kurdish blocs long they made ​​the national interests of political leaders: "forget Iraq out of Chapter VII and the resolution of a port of Mubarak with the Kuwaiti side, as well as the subordination of the state budget to the political bickering."

MP Mahmoud Othman

Osman expressed his belief that the vote on the budget law, "the other is the need for political consensus because of the insistence of some blocks to meet the demands in return for guaranteeing their votes on the budget."