Trade: informative seminars continue Bmaheh Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
2012-01-26 13:30:52

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... confirmed that the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Ministry of Commerce to establish continuing education seminars to spread awareness of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Where set up a seminar hosted by the Ministry of Culture headquarters was to provide an explanation diagram to define the audience the history and origins of the Organization and negotiations entered into in order to join them and the problems and constraints of legislation and laws to be on the state to take in order to achieve the gains that will make the Iraqi economy is strong in responding to the requirements to join the the organization.

For his part, praised the Acanutorala Abu Hassan Keywords Director-General of the House safe interest and patronage of the Minister of Commerce this subject because of its importance in Iraq out of its isolation, which witnessed during the past calling to keep pace with progress in the world, Iraq's accession to the Organization as it has put his steps preliminary in this regard through his tour First in 2004 and the second in 2008.

And raised in the seminar many questions by those present for the purpose of clarification of what Iraq reached the steps on accession.

Previously, the Ministry of Commerce has set up seminars in the Ministry of Planning and Foreign Affairs and the General Authority for Customs is in the process of communication to establish a number of similar sessions in the ministries and government sectors, private and provincial councils and the Ministry is seeking soon to set up next symposium in the province of Anbar.