Qassem Soleimani prepare a report on the situation of Iraq and submit it to the Council of Experts

By Shaimaa Mohammed

5 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Prepared by the commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a report on the situation in Iraq and Syria, and by Tuesday for the Assembly of Experts.

The Fars news agency reported that Soleimani submitted his report on the eighteenth meeting of the Council of Experts, and he talked about "developments, especially in Iraq, Syria and the activities of terrorist groups, including Daash the region."

The agency said that "America's failed policies in the context of empire building" theme, the most important axis in a speech during the meeting, Maj. Gen. Soleimani.

This comes in light of news that talk about a big role in whether to Soleimani Iraqi Shiite House or in the popular crowd battles against al Daash in Sunni areas, while Tehran denies interference in the internal affairs of Iraq.

Tehran asserts that Soleimani's role in Iraq just a consultant as part of the "war on terror", and several days ago denied a spokeswoman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, satisfying most luxurious any talks between Soleimani, and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the subject of reforms.