[..okie oil man] i am sure by now everyone knows the content of talibani's speech to the un which was the prerequisite to the speech shabbi will give before the world bank tommorow afternoon. They are out from under chapter 7 and now are officially soverign they are now free to r/v at any time. The delay from yesterday was only necessary documentation requirements. There are no delays and only the activation is to be initiated. Remember shabbi last week stating this was to be done prior to oct 1. The contractors in iraq are now being told that they would be paid in dinar only and the use of the us dollar would be unlawful in the future. Talibani stated the average income of the iraqi citizen would be increased fourfold in the future. They (iraq) are now working on the 2012 budget meaning the 2011 budget has been released. The intel received today would fill a large book and is only pointing to the positive fact of where we are now. Everything is pointing to the immenence of this happening and the rate quoted this morning was great. I will not accept any questions---everything has been accompolished finally. Just wait for the activation patiently as it will come very shortly. Wait and speculate all you want regarding the rate---but----your sure going to be surprised---as per okie