Deputy for Iraq: the current crisis will be resolved through political deals

25/01/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad (news) in the list of likely leadership renewal MP / coalition in Iraq / Jamal al-Kilani, to resolve the current political crisis through political deals, both before the National Conference or through it. Kilani said In a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: that out of the crisis in the political process through consultation of the political blocs among themselves, especially the leaders of the blocks, Mrahja solution to the crisis, including the issue of the Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq through political deals take place between the blocks, either by the National Conference or through it. and the new Iraqi MP: hold the bloc to continue to boycott the House and the minister until the implementation of the claim that they announced it. Earlier, The leader of the coalition of state law, MP / National Alliance / Abbas al-Bayati, the failure of the National Conference does not mean the collapse of the political process or the end of the world. Bayati said (the news): The National Conference is a humanitarian effort met with success, if available accessories of the will and desire, and is subject to failure if some tried to put impossible conditions for the presence or within its agenda, and that failure does not mean the collapse of the political process or the end of the world. Al-Bayati said: that the National Alliance is working on the success of the conference and to activate the political process, noting that in the event of failure of the National Congress must search for other channels.

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