Liberal block: proposed allocation million dinars for each family living below the poverty line in the budget

25/01/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad - Wayne suggested that the mass of the Sadrist movement Lahraraltabah an amount of one million dinars for each family living below the poverty line in the current budget for the current year. The House of Representatives had already begun to consider the budget and he finished reading the first and the second is expected to vote in future meetings. The MP said the bloc Prince Kanani told all of Iraq [where] today, "it was to convince some of the political blocs to this subject, but we hope that embodies the proposed writing when issuing the law of the financial budget. He said that "in the absence of the Iraqi List, from the meetings of the House of Representatives can not parliament pass the financial budget without the approval of the Liberal bloc. The political differences between the blocks and the government led to the failure to continue to discuss the budget in the House and particularly the province of Congress the Iraqi List of Council meetings since mid last month. The Iraqi government has approved in early December last budget in 2012 a total value of $ 100 billion, the largest budget in the history of Iraq and the deficit was estimated at $ 14 billion, after the adoption of calculated on the rate of default price for a barrel of Iraqi oil was $ 85, and the volume of oil exports amounted to 2.6 million barrels per day. The rate of investment projects in the budget, 35%, while other sectors accounted for the operating budget, particularly on the remaining ones.

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