Problematic implementation of reforms

Author: Yasser incumbent

08/30/2015 0:00

Reformist movement which we are witnessing today but expressed a strong will to respond to popular demands, backed by reference and aimed to correct the path of economic development with regard to this affair our pages. Reform packages this refers to the right start, because initiating administrative reform is the most important step to achieve economic reform, and that's what started it Abadi his career in actually reforms, Fterhiq and delete administrative sites is shorthand for the routine and the possibility of the implementation of the government program to the fullest through decoding intersections and reducing the sources of the resolution to Tsehl Drawing clear Alsaast.

We had the opportunity to attend a consultative meeting included a number of national team charged with preparing for supporting the private sector reforms file, which included nine committees included teams of specialists with experience of businessmen and economic experts commissioned by the prime minister and order my book work voluntarily to develop recommendations for resolving the sectors productivity and ways to activate .ocdet ingenious efforts made ​​by these committees when you put the detailed report, which included visions of committees, each according to its mission and was their recommendations as a radical solutions to the problems of sectors in which they ate and the reason that the mission close to their terms of reference for that The vision correct but ... Telmust of the course of the discussions legitimate by fears Those parties that these efforts may take its way to the shelves of neglect because of the sensitivity of some executive bodies of ministries and public departments are trying to obstruct the implementation of some of the recommendations and here a great disaster, this trend is not Balgraybh on some of the failed administrations that still will not Traoa to Maalt him the circumstances of the country's economic but things are designed according Massalhaaalchksah and this is the biggest challenge of implementation in general and the real dilemma .mahr toward it calls attention to the prime minister's remarks this voluntary national team, which warns of circumventing the economic reforms and Tsoevha hurting efforts in vain! What is the solution then? .. Required the involvement of the national team to oversee the implementation of reforms to get the job done successfully unrivaled.