The first school day. The beginning of a promising future


Baghdad Lamia Noman
Thousands of students and students enrolled in Iraq to schools, colleges and institutes last week ... On the occasion of the start of school this year established the Directorate of Education/Department activity Rusafa first celebrate the joyful day school school first at secondary yard for girls and pride platform this secondary Joe Cocker and the sounds the soft sounds of fresh music accompanied by songs of female science and Iraq and happy with their character a new year full of study and bright future. Starting with the word provide actors poet Adel Mohsen blesses them for students and the educational new year promised the school day is the first step to new year ... The concert began Bayat male Hakim and by protocols solemn flag-raising the flap over Iraqi warheads to accompany him home all the anthem they resurrect him honor and tribute to him.
The ceremony was attended by the Director in raising first Abdul Mohsen al-Musawi Rusafa and a large crowd of teachers and supervisors, technicians and said al-Musawi in Word and is on a platform of Science: I stand in this open day on open educational character steps on you breathless recalled before the greatness of character and school to complete my Central eagerly to the future bright. He said: I have the honour to be the oldest Management Directorate and the many poets, writers and politicians, and Iraq without educated and Bookworm desert in this world, and especially Al-Mussawi, morning speech, said: the highest highest appreciation and love for teaching and learning for students and female students on the occasion of new year and called on education that take messengers by their dark horizons and cultists and terrorists in the hope that this year the safety and well-being and progress. The concert continued with speeches and poems and some beautiful songs and lyrics and melodies of North fairly Mohsen and Mohammed Ayoub.
Students participating in their clothing and gay Ken Farhat school interspersed with pink and gray and keep books with their Iraqi flag and the Red Rose is beautiful, what sentences they look innocent ... They affirmed that the school is the second House for them. They are enthusiasts to enter a new year with wishes for future and new life.