(Solution) will not vote on the full withdrawal of the Iraqi government
On: Wed, 25/01/2012 10:49

Baghdad / term
confirmed the mass of the solution parliament, they would vote against the option of the final withdrawal of the government in the event was launched in the meeting of the coalition in Iraq on Thursday.
The head of the bloc Jamal Karbouli as saying that "a meeting next Thursday could see a vote the leaders of Iraq have the option to the final withdrawal of government of Nouri al-Maliki to form a parliamentary opposition bloc in parliament," noting that "the mass of the solution were part of the coalition in Iraq will vote against this option in the case put forward at the meeting. " And concluded that the "Most of the divergent views within Iraq about the decision to boycott the parliament and cabinet meetings." The nation is a severe political crisis since last December, resulting from the indictment of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi involvement to support terrorist operations, which led to the withdrawal of the Iraqi List, which belongs to the parliament and the government.