Depositors are demonstrating in front of the North Bank not to exchange their assets

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Dozens of depositors in front of the north branch of the Bank of Baghdad on Thursday morning due to lack of their assets retained at the bank exchange rate. Mohammad Sabah said one of the protesters told / JD /: that the bank refuses our assets which obstructed paid in exchange, it gives us a rate of only 3 when withdraw money, which made us pretend today against the bank, demanding the recovery of our money. He added that the problem began to multiply, as well as ill-treatment of customers by employees within the bank, noting that most of the protesters today would file lawsuits against the bank. He called the second protester Ahmed Kamel which has placed the company calculated in this bank, the Central Bank to intervene to resolve the North Bank, who refuses to pay off their assets problem. Ahmed said that the demonstration today was the result of lack of credibility of the bank towards us, in addition to the problems that we have signed a deal with the bank because of our customers who are demanding their entitlements.
The agency dinars has published a report last month stating that what is happening in the North Bank in Baghdad exceeded all perceptions, and before the eyes of the government, which did nothing, because he is one of the people associated with influence in the Kurdistan region banks.

And refrain bank to pay the full deposit, but in return the money orders exchange offices to facilitate the operations to acquire more amount of depositors' money after taking the ratio of the customer.

He told one of the deposited corporate manager at the bank their money in the account (Gary) fraud operations against because of actions taken by the bank's depositors details Agency / JD /: that the bank procrastinating in the payment of deposits of depositors, does not distract from the amounts deposited with him by only 3 to 5 % when withdraw money, it was signed in very embarrassing situations due to lack full amounts instruments Ahrrha to those associated with our work exchange.

He said the company's owner, who declined to be named: Strangely enough in the case, that a few days ago freed instrument in the amount of 100 000 dollars, to someone he can withdraw the full amount in exchange rate, via Bank office, ruled at the time that he could withdraw the amount, but After 24 hours the amounts disbursed and that documented according to the account from which the company requested from the bank revealed ..

Owner of the company and expressed surprise at these measures which handles the bank transfer with companies that began operating as a broker for the disbursement of the amounts deposited, wondering what could describe these measures is to be a monument, and fraud against the depositors? .

The title of the (56) relative to the article legal in Iraqi law (456), which refers to the monument and fraud, which stipulates: punished by imprisonment of both reached delivery Aonql possession Moved owned is for the same money or to someone else and that one of the following means using methods fraudulent. Or take a false name qualify for incorrect Aotgarir is false for a particular incident was when it would deceive the victim and get him to delivery.

According to Article punishable by the same sentence both reached one of the previous methods to another pregnancy to delivery or transfer of possession of the religion of positive support and acted in money or discharge or on any support another can be used to prove ownership rights or any right in rem last Aotousel one of the previous methods to carry another the signing of such a bond or revocation Awatlavh Aotadelh.

The MP said the National Alliance, Ali al-Badri told / JD /: that this door is wide of corruption, economic crime and financial crime, returned silence on this issue betrayal of the country.

He called on the competent authorities to take the required Alajrouat quickly to stop the blackmail citizens operations.

He was prime minister for economic affairs adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh had said in an earlier statement to the Agency / JD /: "The disclaimer some banks from paying the full amount requested by the applicant under the pretext of lack of financial liquidity is contrary to the laws and calls for the Iraqi Central Bank intervention, stressing that control banking circle of the Central Bank of Iraq is responsible for the follow-up to the safety of banks and financial liquidity flow and consider complaints and take measures to speed up and check because of non-payment of the banks and the amounts requested by the owner of the funds deposited in the custody of those banks at any time he pleases. " / End / 22 /