Barzani reveals his new duties

01/23/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Twilight News, Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Barzani and his candidate to head the new government on Monday, the main tasks of his government, which has not announced a specific time for the chair, said that in the coming days, the meetings will be held with leaders of political blocs Kurdistan in an attempt to involve them in the government. Prime Minister Barzani said in an open letter published on his own site "Facebook", the new government in the province which will be headed will complement the work of the previous government peshmerga Barham Saleh, and will work on the sequel, and promises made ​​by application of plans and programs that are in favor of the citizens of Kurdistan. He said the coming months will be very important for creating a fertile ground for dialogue and convergence of views with the other parties in Kurdistan, as well as the organization of internal political situation in the region. He said the current situation needs a government engaged by all parties in the Kurdistan Region, and to maintain the public interest for the people of Kurdistan-interest and partisan politics. revealed Barzani about it in the next few days will be several meetings with leaders of political blocs in the region in an attempt to post all in the new range, in a time of hope to amend the opposition's decision not to participate in the government. He stressed that his new government needs the cooperation and support of all parties, at the time that the non-participation of a party will not adversely affect the carrying out those steps. MVA

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