Zebari discusses with managers of State-owned banks how to benefit from the central bank’s loan

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Minister of Finance , Hoshyar Zebari met on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Ministry’s Office with the directors of each of the industrial, agricultural and real estate bank, to discuss how to benefit from the central bank's loan of five trillion dinars to the mentioned banks to support economic activity and job opportunities for citizens and young people. Zebari confirmed during the meeting "the need to make the most of this loan in the covered sectors so that to reflect positively on the Iraqi economy in encouraging the private sector and national employment," according to a ministry statement reported to Shafaq News.

Minister of Finance urged "managers of the concerned banks to complete the required administrative and financial procedures, and the process of drafting all programs in their respective fields to ensure rapid access of this money to the citizens of small, medium and large enterprises."

Iraqi Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi announced on Tuesday during the Cabinet meeting taking immediate action to cope with the financial crisis in Iraq, including the allocation of five trillion dinars for the revitalization of agriculture, industry and housing sectors, encourage investment and provide jobs.