The parliamentary economic attributes the decline in investment in Baghdad to the intervention of some actors and influential work of the Commission
Date: 08/26/2015 10:33

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Economic Commission parliamentary Ezzat, Wednesday, investment has declined in Baghdad to the intervention of some parties and influential in the work of the Investment Commission of the capital, he confirmed that it led to the foot-dragging and lower body work as a result of opening the door for investment to companies and people to Ataatovr the conditions set forth in the Investment Law.
The committee member said proof Almamori in a statement / information /, that "the Investment Commission of Baghdad suffer from a lot of problems and obstacles," calling to keep the corrupt and the introduction of discreet and companies that have the remarkable experience of its predecessor. "
He stressed "the need for unity and synergy among all, and the opportunity for investors to provide real expertise in order to supplement the Iraqi economy, which is going through critical stages and that need to be serious stand of everyone to resuscitate him."
He noted a member of the economic and investment commission to "serious work in the Investment Authority and do not allow corrupt and negligent Anyone who tries to impede the work of investors, and refer them to the competent authorities for the purpose hold them accountable," noting that he "would bring recommendations to the Parliamentary Committee for the purpose of study, out by the successful support of investors and the Iraqi economy ".anthy / 25 u