President of the Republic calls Abbadi not just reforms, "the vessels"

Brother - Baghdad - The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Wednesday, support for any program established by the government aims to achieve the people's demands reforms, calling on them to not only "timely and immediate" or "austerity" measures, while stressing the need for the role of Parliament in creating the legal basis for the reform process.

Masum said in a televised speech, said that "our support for the demands of the demonstrators, and Ttmenena for its support of the reference, core technologies to invite the government to not only timely and immediate or austerity measures, with the need for austerity measures in the financial and economic moment our condition, but to adopt a comprehensive strategy for reforms in the fight against corruption In parallel strategy and confident to eliminate Daash terrorist gangs everywhere. "

He added, "We support and we support any program or effort put the government aims to achieve the people's demands reforms," ​​stressing his determination to "activate all energies and to secure international support for the development of the national economy and the diversification of its resources and ending character rentier adopted on imports of oil wealth alone, without losing sight of the need to develop Beyond the border".

He stressed the need for infallible "The role of the House of Representatives, as a legislative and oversight, can contribute to the achievement of reform and creation of the necessary reform process legal base where deemed necessary."

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi issued, in (9 August 2015), a set of guidelines, which included an immediate reduction of the preparation of protections for all officials, among them the three presidencies, and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister immediately, and the removal of all senior positions from quotas partisan and sectarian, and feminine ministries and bodies to raise efficiency and reduce costs, and the abolition of the special provisions for the presidencies of bodies, state institutions and retirees of them, and the opening of the previous and current files of corruption under the supervision of the Commission, "Where did you get this."

And decided Abadi, in (16 August 2015), reducing the number of Cabinet members to 22 members instead of 33 members, and the abolition of ministerial positions for the following ministries: the Ministry of Human Rights, the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs, Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs, Department of State, as well as from the merger of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the integration of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, and the integration of the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the integration of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture.
As defined in (18 August 2015), the three presidencies adviser to five advisers for each presidency, and decided to cancel the advisers to the ministries, whether they are fixed or temporary owners.