Erbil (newsletter).Confirmed President Massoud Barzani of Kurdistan, the need for equitable distribution of wealth and natural resources in the country.
During astbalh, in the resort of Salahuddin, Shaikh Ahmed Abu Risha and his entourage, which included both the Governor of Anbar and a number of tribal chiefs and members of Parliament and the Council of Al-Anbar province.
According to a statement by the Presidency of the territory received (News News Agency) on Monday: aburisha greetings people of Anbar highly wekiim initiative of the President of the region in the current Iraqi Government is formed and noted the importance of returning to Irbil to address the current Iraqi crisis facing the political process in Iraq and supported and all the elders of the tribes of Anbar Barzani initiative.
Added: Barzani stressed that Iraq is a country all its national and sectarian and were a source of strength for the democratic system, stressing the need for equitable distribution of wealth and natural resources in the country as reported in the Iraqi Constitution.
And the statement: the Governor of Anbar praised by Iraq Kurdistan region and the interest of political leadership in the region in the development and delivery of services, wishing to take advantage of all the other regions of Iraq from the experience of the territory and called attention to the relations of Al-Anbar province, Iraq Kurdistan, especially economically and introduced a proposal of the President of the region with the opening of a hotline between the Anbar province and that he would be in service by the parties.
The meeting was also the question of convening a National Conference of political blocs in Iraq parties to support this Conference results commitment to genuine partnership and permanent Constitution for Iraq and remove constraints to go all Iraqis with optimism towards a prosperous future./finished/24 s. p