Iraq’s economy at risk due to poor policy

Posted: January 23, 2012

Policy because of the economy crisis topple government
Date: Monday, 23/01/2012 18:29

Iraq .. And well-being of the citizen

BAGHDAD – Editor
He is an economist he can not achieve prosperity for the Iraqi people in a country of war and siege and occupation and placed amid dire security concerns of politicians in Iraq, which is not the same priorities of interest to the community. According to experts, the country needs foreign investment for the advancement of infrastructure Almthrih.

Although the economy and politics do not intersect but they do not meet at the same time .. It is known that the capital investment of only a coward that he entered Iraq to shame hardly registers his presence despite the enactment of the investment and the adoption of amendments to it. The economist said Helal Taan’s (Citizen) that welfare can not be achieved in Iraq, he saw the longest wars in the world and after the war a blockade for 13 years after the siege, occupation and then over the country develop a security and political unstable, adding that a quarter of the Iraqi people, sits below the poverty line According to statistics of the Ministry of Planning. The Taan Iraq can not be issued more than 3.00012 million barrels of oil for several reasons, first is that Iraq is a member Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which obliges its members cut the production specific and, secondly, that the pipelines task, the line of Syria’s Banias unemployed work not to mention the strategic line of the Turkish port of Ceyhan, which is being vandalized every now and then.

Although the opportunity very favorable for Iraq to become the country’s stable No. 1 in the region, the situations and problems and political crises waged by the government lead to a decline in the economy and move away from the well-being desired for the Iraqi people, which is responsible for them is political first and foremost.

The absence of “the priorities of the citizen,” a forum for political conflict is sufficient evidence of lack of commitment to the performance of responsibilities towards the citizens only through slogans raised through the media channels in promotional, marketing and conflict.

He heard that the citizens of the country’s general budget exceeded the 80 billion dollars, but they did not Atfaeloa the positive results that can be achieved by this figure because of the desperation of politicians in the country, the elimination of administrative corruption rampant in the body of Iraq.

To the Minister of Planning and credit of the former Iraqi Mahdi Al-Hafiz, the vital importance of an annual financial budget for any «lies in the fact that an economic tool to ensure effective distribution of financial resources in the form of sound and achieve social and development objectives, in accordance with the policy of the political system and principles». He Hafiz in an intervention during a seminar held by the Iraqi Institute of economic reform on the budget this year, to the existence of «dilemmas chronic such as if the circle of unemployment ranged rate between 20 and 30 percent, and low standard of living and lack of public services and the spread of corruption and cronyism on a large scale». Was not lost on the issue of «the distribution of income according to the operating budget amounting to two-thirds of the budget».

The Al-Hafiz, the budget presented «estimated revenues by about a hundred billion dollars, mostly from oil revenues about 90 percent, a big budget comes after Saudi Arabia», liquid «if available guarantees of freedom from this dilemma, and the fate of the productive sectors other than oil ». And external obligations, he stressed that «the sanctions against Iraq remain, as it continues to be subject to Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations». He said: «We are paying 5 percent of the revenue of Kuwait, Iraq, after paying more than $ 20 billion so far». He added: «Why do not you put this issue as a problem with Kuwait and resolved in the Security Council, like the border issue and other outstanding issues».

He said Hafiz, that «the final accounts is the point of chronic does not solve it now, how can discuss the annual budget of undefined summary accounts for the years», pointing out that in the budget, “referring to the Kurdistan region has not provided accounts since 2004,” stressing that it «clear violation of the Constitution which requires discussion of the budget and final accounts together». Revealed Hafiz, for «the lack of controlled data paths for spending». He concluded by saying that “the budget presented concern and questions, and raise urgently need to address the financial situation and the system of preparing the budget with the aim of the development of reform and development, and maintain the interests of the people of all classes and secure a stable life for them.”

Iraqi scene often carry these Altnaqdan; Street’s demands and the demands of politicians. Community wants his rights, and politicians are looking for their gains, the Iraqi individual looking for a living and services, dignity, freedoms, and the Iraqi political and money searching for the post and the agenda “suspicious.”