House of Representatives to raise its on Tuesday of next week 01/31/12
Date: Monday, 23/01/2012 15:19

BAGHDAD (Alakhlaria) .. raise the House of Representatives held its session today under the chairmanship of Osama Najafi to Tuesday of next week.
A statement to the House of Representatives received the Agency (news) a copy of it on Monday: that the House voted in the fifteenth meeting, held under the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi voted on eight bills as well as the resumption of debate on the draft law of the financial budget for the current year.
The statement added that the council finished voting on the draft law on accession of the Republic of Iraq to the international convention against doping in sport and submitted by the Committee of Youth and Sports to promote international cooperation to combat doping in sport.
He pointed out: that the Council has completed the vote on the bill join the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, submitted by the Committees on Human Rights and the Committee on Foreign Relations for the purpose of promoting and ensuring that persons with Alaaqah and on an equal footing of all human rights and fundamental freedoms and respect for the dignity that the Convention entered into effect on 30-4_2008, also completed the Council vote on the bill of the Fourth Amendment to the law of maintenance of irrigation and drainage No. (12) for the year 1995, amended and submitted by the Committee on Agriculture, water and marshes, which comes to maintaining the irrigation and drainage and to prevent overtaking them and maintain the water quotas the aim of increasing agricultural production and the formation of associations of beneficiaries for the management and operation of water sources and maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects.
Meanwhile, the Board completed the vote on the bill reward faculty members, educational and submitted by the Committees of Education and Higher Education and Scientific Research, financial and legal order not to deprive a segment of faculty members and education referred to retire in the first half of the school year due to completion of the legal age for the purpose of including them reward for those who are referred to retire in the second half of the school year.
He continued that the Council voted on the bill Redemption Fund money Iraq and compensations and submitted by the committees of the financial, economic and foreign relations in order to recover the financial rights of the Republic of Iraq, all obtained by the Iraqis and foreigners illegally as a result of the misuse of oil for food program and the economic blockade, smuggling and sabotage, and ended Council vote on the draft Law on the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Commission of Tourism and Antiquities for the purpose of the Development, the Ministry can achieve the goals set them and the advancement of the duties assigned to them to clarify the picture of Iraq brings the past, present, and boost tourism, create better conditions for tourism and antiquities and greater specialization in tourism and heritage.
The statement added that the Council has completed voting on the draft law regulating the provisions of the nomination for President of the Republic and the provisions of the selection of one or more deputy to the President of the Republic and the report of the Legal Committee to elect the right person to such a position as the President of the Republic is the head of the state and the symbol of the unity of the nation and represents the sovereignty of the country and ensures the secure commitment to the Constitution and properly implemented and fair and respect the rule of law and the protection of national unity and security of the country and the preservation of the independence of the Republic of Iraq and to ensure its sovereignty over its land and sky and waters, unity and territorial integrity and proper functioning of institutions of the state executive, legislative and judicial.

It was decided to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday, 01.31.2012.