Baghdad (NINA) - Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Ibrahim Al Mutlag, announced finding half of the $7 billion, 8 trillion dinars, that were missing. They were paid incorrectly to the Ministries of Interior and Education.

He told NINA "after the allocation of 2011 budget, amounts were taken from the 2012 budget to meet the requirements of spending, and this is a huge mistake committed, as it is not allowed to withdrawn money from the budget the following year. Therefore, we found that there are two ministries withdrew money from the budget of 2012; the Interior and Education."He added "the Ministry of Education, when it announced the increase in the salaries of its staff by 150.000 dinars for each employee, 5.1 trillion dinars were taken from the 2012 budget."

He continued "the Ministry of Interior withdrew 2 trillion dinars after the ratification of the MOI law, which equated the salaries of army personnel and officers and employees of the MOI and on this basis, the total withdrawn amounted reached 3.5 trillion dinars."

Mutlag pointed out that the Parliamentary Finance Committee will ask the Ministry of Finance and the Cabinet with the remaining money and the mechanism in which they were withdrawing the remaining funds of the total 8 trillion dinars.

The parliament announced earlier the disappearance of $7 billion from the budget, which equals 8 trillion dinars.