Structure shows the end of the Barzani: sparked sectarian dispute and make room Arbil Baath operations

Follow-up scales News - He saw the press the great Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, Saturday, that the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani opened the doors of hell on Kurds entering Kirkuk, a repeat of the scenario entry Saddam to Kirkuk, adding that Barzani made the Arbil operations room of the leaders of the Baath Party to ignite a civil war.

Heikal said in a press statement, I followed / scales News /, that "subtle Massoud and his experience of conspiracy and heart leaves, made him ignite sedition and civil war Sunni-Shiite since 2003, took advantage of the last out of the dispute and the absence of grudges confidence between the two parties, so he harboring senior and most of the Baath leaders and the family of Saddam and support and make Arbil operations room for them to ignite a civil war ",

He added, "The Baath and Massoud was in their interest joint of starting arose that the Baathist groups recruited terrorism from all parts of the ground and push them to kill Shiites, with the help of financial and logistical of Massoud so that to make the land of Iraq a flaming fire, except for the region is the interface only safety," pointing out that "Barzani benefited economically and politically at the expense of the combatants of the Shiite and Sunni component. "

He said the structure that "the Kurds have become their actual rulers of Iraq as Massoud surprised that there stream halt his face in Baghdad a stream closer to the nationalism and led by" Nuri al-Maliki "the Alliance with Shiite and Sunni leaders and regional countries to veto constitutional and electoral and when he failed intervened Turkey and Qatar through Daash and Naqshbandi and destroyed Iraq in order to topple the al-Maliki and Massoud is the beneficiary of course. "

He said, "Massoud think that it will continue to be his to the end but the game was about to end the civil war Sunni-Shiite started and will not drag on too much because there is a Saudi-Iranian horizon and US-sponsored and then shrewd Saudi Arabia and Iran to Erbil that will not allow expands and takes up more of its size and will start the Arab war Kurdish, a fierce war, will be the biggest loser of the Kurds. "

He said, "Massoud lost Shiites will not stand with him in the future, and Turkey withdrew her hand from him and America to Atafrt Arab allies in the Gulf for the eyes of Masood and will remain face to face with the flood of Sunni Arab will make the region an arena for battles and under the Sunni province slogan".

The informed source has revealed, earlier, that "the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani asked the Parliament of the region, formation of a committee to organize a referendum on independence from Iraq."

The head of Iraq's Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani has said, in the current July 3, said that "Article 140 of the constitution has been completed to enter the Kurdish Peshmerga forces to the disputed areas following the withdrawal of army troops and police them."

Barzani has stated, a joint press conference held in Erbil with British Foreign Secretary William Hague that "the entry of Kurdish Peshmerga forces to Kirkuk province ended the article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, the disputed areas will not talk about it anymore."

The European reports have recently reported that Barzani received Israeli guarantees if carried out an operation control of the province of Kirkuk and seized the oil wells where, and that "Yafei Institute" Israeli Alastruthristi is presented strategy consulting Barzani through security advisers spend calling for not compromising in any available opportunity to occupy Kirkuk and control of the oil wells where, and pledged his composition of "lobby from international oil companies" to defend his control over Kirkuk and its oil against any pressure or military threats may turn to the federal government ".anthy / 29 / d 24