Deputy for the Liberal block: two-thirds of parliament to the terms of the Erbil Ayarvoa .. It is signed by binding to its implementation

21/01/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Baghdad (news) , member bloc Liberal MP for the National Alliance, Jawad al-Jubouri that more than two thirds of the members of parliament to Ayarvoa What are the terms of the Erbil because not presented to all members, noting that the impact of this agreement binding the implementation of all its provisions. Jubouri said in a statement (for the Agency news) on Saturday: that more than two thirds of the members of parliament do not know the terms of the Erbil because it took place between the leaders of political blocs were not presented to the members of Parliament, noting that the impact on the This Convention is obliged to implement all its provisions. He added that the Convention on Arbil took place for resolving the outstanding problems for the purpose of forming a government and to heal the Parties, noting that the National Congress called for by President Jalal Talabani's gesture to resolve the current problem should end to sit at one table for negotiation and resolving the crisis. He expected the MP for the Liberal bloc: the success of the National Congress, but will not solve all outstanding problems, and continued: that the political process can not be conducted except in accordance with the partnership and participation of all political blocs by, either the administration continues this way, each block you want to manage the political process "Bm'zajha" will confuse process and creates a crisis. and go through the country the situation of congestion politician is unprecedented among political partners, against the backdrop of charge Hashemi terrorism cases, and demand that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the replacement of his deputy, Saleh al-Mutlaq, after describing the owners of the "dictator", as well as not to name candidates for the ministries of interior and defense, which came across Erbil Convention that produced the government called the label of national partnership.

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