Kurdistan Alliance agreed to activate the National Conference
Wednesday, 18 December / 2 January 2012 21:31

{Baghdad, Euphrates News} announced the Kurdistan Alliance, which met today in Erbil, headed the region's president Massoud Barzani that he decided to support the National Conference prospective called by President Jalal Talabani, in order to lay the foundations of the state of the Federal Democratic of institutions, based on the permanent Iraqi constitution and the principle of coexistence and true national partnership in government and protect the political process in Iraq and the emphasis on the principle of consensus based on the Convention on the Erbil and other agreements between the forces and the political parties and to speed up the issuance of the necessary legislation to establish the State of Iraq, the federal and acted upon and the emphasis on addressing the problems of the Electoral Commission by the end of its functions in next April, and the possibilities they produce will review developments in the region and how to deal with them and discuss the budget for the year 2012 and the observations made ​​by the Kurdistan Regional Government of the Federal Government and strengthen the mechanism of action of the Vice-province of Kurdistan in Baghdad and the emphasis on the implementation of Article 140 of the permanent constitution.