Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of the Iraqiya Slate, Dr. Iyad Allawi, said political forces have three options to get out of the current political crisis in case of the failure of the National Conference; to form a transitional government preparing for early elections, nominate a new Prime Minister, or a government of genuine partnership.

He said, in a statement at a meeting of the IS leaders held today and included Osama Al Nujeifi, Salih Al Mutlag, Rafi Al Esawi, and a large number of its MPs "first of these options is to form a new government preparing for early elections and take charge of holding fair and impartial elections that respects the Constitution and law, and to the revive peaceful transfer of power to form a national Parliament capable to solve problems."

He continued "the second option is that the National Alliance nominates a new Prime Minister who is away from all sectarian and external tendencies and to for a parliamentary opposition which is no less significance and importance for the government."

Allawi added "the third option is to form a government of genuine partnership based on the principles of law and the Constitution which preserves the prestige of the state and develop strategic projects that contribute to Iraq’s renaissance.” /End/