Ohoaq dry: the application of Article (140) of the Constitution is one of the steps to remove the vestiges of the defunct
16/01/2012 13:27:00

The Iraqi News Agency Independent / Baghdad Said Rep. Ashwaq Dry member of the Kurdistan Alliance. That there is not a state of mass compromise on the application of Article (140) of the Constitution because everyone is a believer Bdsturitha. Denying the allegations on the existing bargaining Iraqi Kurdistan on the disputed areas and the implementation of Article (140) against the political support by the Kurds.

Reporter (Independent Iraqi News Agency) that any area covered by article (140) did not need to compromise by any political bloc in order to implement this article because it is a legitimate right for all parts of Iraq to restore the original identity of other former regime.

She explained that the Kurds proved dry after 2003 as architects of peace. In particular they took part in the reconstruction of Iraq and in all crises, and they were a safety valve through a convergence of views between the political parties.

She said the article (140) of the Constitution because it is a red line represents the re-identification of areas that have changed by the former regime after the agreement to remove all the blocks on the effects of all committed by the regime. And that the application of this article is one of the steps to remove the effects of governance regime.

She said that any political figure or party does not agree to the application of Article (140) and stand against it. They will participate in one way or another to keep the effects of the former regime and this does not serve democracy not in line with the requirements of stage ...