Statement from the Office of the President of the Republic

1/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add comments - Republic of Iraq - the president's office - Press Office

At the invitation of His Excellency President Jalal Talabani held on Sunday 15/1/2012 a meeting of political leaders attended by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and President of the Council of Representatives Osama Najafi and representatives of the main blocs in parliament and that Kvathh and the beginning of the meetings and the preparatory meetings leading up to the National Conference of the year.
The President Talabani when opening the meeting said that political leaders bear a historic responsibility towards the future of Iraq after freeing him from the yoke of dictatorship and after the withdrawal of foreign troops. He stressed that the Iraqis who have had the atmosphere of freedom and democracy can not miss the opportunity to meet and take responsibility for building a sophisticated collector of each of its components and its citizens and called to avoid the speech convulsive and mutual accusations and teamwork.
For their part, expressed by speakers at the meeting expressed their gratitude for the invitation of President Talabani and stressed the importance of creating an appropriate atmosphere to overcome differences and reach a true partnership basis abide by the constitution and state building.
Having completed the President of the Republic of contacts and consultations that culminated in the convening of the meeting today left to the Federal Republic of Germany for a series of tests, and will return home upon completion of the preparatory committee preparations for the National Conference to follow up his efforts in finding solutions to a prompt and continuing to build a pluralist democratic federal Iraq. Office of the President

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