Central Bank calls for serious action government to get out of Chapter VII
Date: Mon 01/16/2012 6:40

Baghdad / term
Meanwhile, deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed for the government to take action at the international level to raise the country from Chapter VII in order to create the right climate for the entry of major global companies.

Saleh said (of the Agency news): The exit of Iraq from Chapter VII is essential for the transfer of foreign expertise and modern technological in various economic fields, the fact that Iraq needs a network of international contractors for the implementation of investment projects.

He added that local contractors are not people with extensive experience, which led to a delay in the implementation of many investment projects in the country, explaining that the rate of implementation of projects per year (30%) due to lack of experience and not to transfer modern technology to Iraq.
He continued that the foreign companies, international contractors are also reluctant to enter Iraq because it is still under Chapter VII with a bad reputation on people imposed on it. He explained that Chapter VII allows the use of force and economic sanctions on countries that infringe on the world peace, and that the international community Mibrh believed that Iraq was an aggressor to world peace. And that the Iraqi government should work hard to reassure the international community that the country is safe and does not need to use force against him, after the departure of U.S. troops.

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