Iraq calls for urgency in the banks, the use of technology
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Thread: Iraq calls for urgency in the banks, the use of technology

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    Iraq calls for urgency in the banks, the use of technology

    Iraq calls for urgency in the banks, the use of technology
    Sunday, 15 December / 2 January 2012 21:11

    Twilight News / Chairman of the Board of Directors called on the North Bank for Finance and Investment, Sunday, to mainstream the use of the national system of apportionment (the key national) banks are all Iraqi, because it is a necessity required by the process of dealing with mass cash contexts technique.

    The head of the Board of Directors of Bank of the North Nawzad David Fattah, dry in a press statement seen by "Twilight News" "I hope to accelerate the Iraqi Central Bank in the implementation of its program aimed at developing an electronic communication is linked to a network of contacts between the banks, especially as some private banks began the period of use technology through a unified network linking its branches thanks to the electronic clearing system. "
    Dry and stressed "the need for the Iraqi banking sector to adopt a program of modern technologies in the banking process, such as the use of credit cards, instruments and knowledge of bank balance via your cell phone, and rehabilitation of electronic payment card system."

    The dry-out that "the North Bank in the current year will accelerate steps to complement the program and put it in earlier, the promotion experience of bank staff in the use of modern technologies in their banking."
    He pointed out that the dry, "the bank since its inception was considered that the modern technology inherent to his bank account, and that there is a continuing need to keep up with this aspect for the development of the sector."

    It is said that the deputy governor of the central bank said earlier that there is a group of international and local companies have expressed interest in the management of a divided national who works to facilitate the withdrawal of services in the form of money fast and secure for people who have accounts in Iraqi banks.

    It is noteworthy that Iraq end systems last year and a workshop seminar in Istanbul for a project study assessed the national and its importance in the activation of trades related to credit cards and techniques of automated teller, and said central earlier his intention to form a national assembly top consists of a bank and the Ministry of Finance, banks and others.

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